Jake West - Keeper of the Stones - front cover
4.5 Stars out of 5
"Being a fan of Narnia I was intrigued by the premise of this book. I read it to my daughter and she was certainly sucked into the story. All in all an enjoyable read that keeps you interested."...
from £6.74
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4.5 Stars out of 5
"Fantasy isn't something I'm normally into, that much. When I'm in a completely different universe, I don't feel "grounded" I guess is the word. What makes this different is the shifting between the modern & the parallel/"...
from £1.99
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Jake West - Warriors of the Heynai - front cover
Jake West - The Estian Alliance - front cover
4.5 Stars out of 5
"Brilliant writing, excellent storytelling, did not want this book to end. Fantastic choice of characters and a fantasy that everyone should enjoy"...
from £2.05
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Welcome to the JakeWest.co.uk Website

Welcome to the Jake West Collection OFFICIAL Website. The Jake West Collection is a series of fantasy and adventure novels written by Martin J.Webb, an author from Walsall, West Midlands. Martin's passion is writing and he's extremely proud of his work. His Jake West Collection currently includes three books, 'Jake West - The Keeper of the Stones' ,  Jake West - Warriors of the Heynai and Jake West - The Estian Alliance 

Jake West is a fifteen year old boy from Lichfield in the Midlands, who is living a happy, carefree experience in his own little version of utopia. One day he accidently triggers a catastrophic chain of events in this World and countless others - in an instant he becomes a protector of worlds. Jake West is the Keeper of the Stones, the guardian of the greatest weapon we have in the eternal battle against evil and a symbol of salvation and hope to millions, and now he is being hunted accross worlds.

Find out how Jake West gets on in the Battle against King Vantrax and his evil allies.

Where to Buy the books?

Keeper of the Stones
Jake West - Keeper of the Stones
lulu.com Softback £6.74
lulu.com Hardback £7.99
lulu.com Hardback £12.15
Amazon.com Hardback $12.37
Warriors of the Heynai
Jake West - Warriors of the Heynai
Amazon.com Kindle $1.99
Amazon Hardback £2.05
lulu.com Hardback £6.74
Amazon Softback £8.99
The Estian Alliance
Jake West - The Estian Alliance
Amazon Kindle £2.05
Amazon Softback £9.99
lulu.com Hardback £13.07
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